Freshman Aviation Packet

Now available for online purcahse.  The freshamn Packet includes all the materials and supplies required by the FAA for learning the FAA aviaton maintanonace program.  The packet includes teh following:

  • work apron
  • Aviation Folder
  • combination lock
  • drawing paper
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • eraser shield
  • steel scale
  • masking tape
  • set of triangles
  • 3 drawing pencils
  • Mechanics Handbook
  • General FAA Test Guide
  • saftey goggles
  • circle guide
  • T-Square
  • Student Organization Card active for two years (gives students ability to join clubs, play sports, attend dances, etc. )

Plaese indicate student's name and osis number and shop instructor.  Packets purchased online will be delivered to shop classes when student's cohort group is in building.  If packet needs to be shipped then indicate shipping and provide instructions to ship.  

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Price $60.00